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Pokerstars - How To Increase Pokerstars Purchasing Limit

The players of Pokerstars are often confused about increasing limits. PokerStars explains that a customer needs to develop a credit history of transactions on the site. This is not to say that players are getting credit or a loan, but that the site needs to establish a history of transactions for the protection of the site and the players. Internet gambling sites are a natural target for fraudulent financial activities such as money laundering and funding illicit activities. In order to prevent this from occurring, player histories are created. As mentioned earlier, this is also to protect players who may be new to poker and prone to a gambling addiction.

    In Pokerstars, you are only allowed to purchase $600 at PokerStars. And there is a $1,000 limit within a seven-day period, and $2,000 is the limit for a 30-day period. But if you want to change your limit, you can email support to increase these limits. You can go into the Cashier and click "Restrict Deposit Limit" to restrict your own deposit limits. Players of pokerstars use this feature to manage their bankroll and budget their money in any given period. This feature keeps players from chasing the cards when they should go and catch a movie instead.


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